Shipping Methods and Rates


Items are usually shipped within 5 business days via USPS Priority.


Shipping time averages 3-5 days in the United States.


Shipping rate(s) is as follows:
  Order Totaling $0.01 to $5.95                       Shipping Cost $2.00
   Order Totaling $5.96 to $125.00                   Shipping Cost $6.50
   Order Totaling $125.01 to $200.00               Shipping Cost $13.00
   Order Totaling $200.01 to $750.00               Shipping Cost $20.00
   Order Totaling $750.01 +                              Shipping Cost $30.00


Because of increasing difficulty with international orders, Premier Pipes has instituted the following policies: 

All International Shipments are via US Postal Priority Mail. 

The average charge for this service is $35.00. 

If the cost is less Premier Pipes will reimburse the excess charge. 

If the cost is more, we will charge additional shipping costs to your credit card. 

Premier Pipes will not be responsible for packages lost during overseas shipping.

In these rare cases we will provide proof that the package was shipped and a customs number. 

Premier Pipes will not reimburse for lost packages. 

* Canadian customers will be charged $35.00 for shipping, but because no problems have arisen with Canadian orders we will ship 1st Class and automatically refund the difference. 

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact us at





You will receive e-mail notifications after your item is shipped.


Please check your email address provided at time of payment.

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