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Introduced at the 2001 RTDA the Winslow Crown pipes are designed by legendary Danish pipe maker, Poul Winslow, and are partially machined, then hand-finished in his shop. The workmanship is tight and crisp, the finish crystal clear, and the designs smooth and flowing. None have dings, fills, or scratches. They are slightly smaller than the Winslow higher grades pipes and lack the silver and rare wood bandings of the more expensive Winslows. All are finely grained and smoke like a dream -- cool, dry, and fragrant with a buttery smoke that leaves a dry bowl and white ash. They come in three series: the smooth 200 & 300 series and the beautiful. partially rusticated Viking series. Because of their superb design, extraordinary smoking characteristics, and their reasonable price, we have rated these a "BEST BUY". 

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Winslow Crown 300 Straight Grain Freehand

Bold straight grain throughout the bowl and flowing into the shank makes this Winslow Crown 300 freehand a true stunner. Colored a rich chestnut with a darker red hue bowl rim. It measures 5 1/2" long, 2 1/2" tall, and is 2" wide with an inner bowl diameter of 7/8" and a bowl depth of @ 1 3/4". It is marked "Crown 300, Handmade in Denmark" and has the Winslow Golden Crown logo embossed on the stem. This superb pipe comes boxed with pipe bag. 


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